Business solution

As an independent solution vendor (ISV) or enterprise in-house developer, provide better customer experience from your solutions on Samsung devices.

Knox Platform for POS

Knox Platform for POS

Enable contactless payment on Samsung devices. As a Point of Sale vendor, integrate your payment service to better serve merchants.


Transform Samsung devices into powerful handheld POS systems that let merchants take contactless payments from anywhere.

Customizable UI

Customize the pinpad UI easily with our SDK, which lets you showcase your brand and enhance the user experience.


Ensure your POS services run only in secure environment with attestation, and all the track data is encrypted safely and not stored in the device. All following the latest payment industry standards.

In-depth integration

In-depth integration

Allow your solutions to better tailor and manage Galaxy devices or select peripherals for work


Create secure and interactive mobile experience using Knox cloud-based customization tools.

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Remote support

Remotely control employee devices to troubleshoot and fix mobile devices in the field.

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Empower your frontline solution and drive extra efficiency and productivity to mobile field users.

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Optimized applications

Optimized applications

Maximize your business app’s experience and productivity on Galaxy devices

Galaxy S Pen Remote SDK 

Remotely control apps with your S-Pen.

Samsung DeX 

Optimize your app experience on Samsung DeX.

Galaxy Performance SDK 

Optimize your application performance on Samsung devices.

Foldables & Large Screen Optimization 

Utilize Samsung's own large and foldable UI asset for your own UX.

Security management

Security management

Utilize built-in, government-grade Knox security management features on your solutions

Knox Platform for eSE

Enable the isolated, hardware-based secure storage and execution environment for your mobile security services

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Enhance your VPN solution by leveraging the Knox VPN Framework.

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Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

Remediate mobile threats with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Machine Learning (ML)

Protect your machine learning models from improper access and abuse.

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Get comprehensive developer docs and sample code

Our developer documentation includes API references, guides, step-by-step tutorials, sample apps, FAQs and Samsung UI guidelines to help with implementation.

Amplify your voice with Samsung

The combination of Knox solutions and Scandit's SDKs provides a wide range of integration options to suit any needs in developing business apps.

[Video] Amplify your voice with Samsung

Samsung and Scandit’s strategic partnership delivers enterprise-grade barcode scanning, augmented reality (AR), text and object recognition to meet the needs of frontline workers.

Rigorous testing and optimization done together has resulted in quick camera start times and swift autofocus. Delivering fast and accurate scan speed, even in challenging conditions such as low light and damaged barcodes.

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